August 23, 2014 Mike


Brennen got a jump start on the season when he headed out to Heartland Pride Outfitters in north west Nebraska to chase antelope. The first couple days of the hunt proved to be extremely hot and slow. After sitting over water holes the first couple days and not seeing any shooter bucks, he changed it up and decided to sit on a big alfalfa field on the third day. Cody Kuck, Brennen’s guide on the hunt, had spotted a large buck on the alfalfa field the afternoon before and said that the chances of him returning the following evening were good. After an eventful morning of watching a lot of does and kids file in and out of the alfalfa, it was only a matter of time before a shooter showed up. Early afternoon showed up and so did a good buck. After watching the buck skirt the blind just outside of bow range for nearly 45 minutes, he finally fed in close enough for a shot. Brennen ranged him at 42 yards and settled the IQ sight on him and let the arrow fly. The Montec CS did it’s job and the goat never made it out of the field. This is Brennen’s first antelope and it is a dandy for Nebraska. Great start to the season.


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