September 26, 2014 Mike


The whitetails have been getting the best of us thus far in the season, that is, until tonight when Chad finally caught up with one of his Wisconsin hit listers. Chad has been hunting his home farm in central Wisconsin since season opened up and has had numerous encounters with good bucks just out of bow range. Hunting big alfalfa fields with strategically placed Antler King staging plots, Chad came in to the season with multiple sets hung for every kind of wind direction mother nature could throw at him. It seemed like everytime they were in one tree, the bucks would feed past a different Muddy set that he had hung. They most certainly were using the wind to their advantage each time they would enter the field, then again, they don’t get big being dumb. Even though the farm was getting hunted hard, it was getting hunted smart. Never hunting a stand on a bad wind and having routes to get in and out clean were the key to Chad’s early season success. After several sits, this double main beamed buck made the mistake of feeding past Chad’s tree at 30 yards. Chad sent a CX red down range and the buck couldn’t tote the 2″ gaping cut from the G5 Havoc for very long. The buck expired in the field and Chad is on the board for the 2014 season.


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