October 10, 2014 Mike


The South Dakota opener showed up with high expectations for Mike as he was en route to hunt west river whitetails at Cedar Breaks Ranch. Guide and good friend Ben Doty had been sending trail cam photos of a lot of great bucks throughout the summer months and the season couldn’t get here fast enough. Opening weekend brought above average temperatures and minimal deer movement. After 3 days of battling the heat and not having much for luck, Mike returned home to Wisconsin.

October 10th rolled around and Mike found himself back out at Cedar Breaks with more favorable weather in the forecast for the 3 day weekend hunt. The 1st morning back in the tree proved to be a good one as the guys were seeing numerous deer and a couple good bucks. At about 9:30 a.m the guys glassed a good whitetail about 1/2 mile away. After staying on stand and watching him for over an hour, the guys decided to get down from the tree and make a move on him after they had seen him go into a draw to bed down.

Playing it safe, Mike and cameraman Brandon looped all the way around the draw to get above the buck and to also get the wind in their favor. Climbing up to the knob above where the buck was bedded, they laid eyes on the buck laying tight up in some Cedars. It was time to make a move. Slowly and quietly, Mike and his cameraman crept down the hill and put themselves in position for Mike to get a shot. At 18 yards, Mike came to full draw and settled his pin on the big whitetail and let the Carbon Express fly. The Montec CS found its mark and did its job on the big old buck. This is the 2nd year in a row that Mike has been fortunate enough to shoot a mature whitetail off the ground out in South Dakota, what a great hunt and awesome video for The Breaking Point.


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