October 24, 2014 Mike


Over the past several years, Mark has earned the nickname of “Mr. October”. This name has stuck with him due to the fact that he always seems to punch his buck tag in his home state of Wisconsin in the month of October. Last year, Mark failed to live up to his name and shot his buck on November 1st. Even though he only missed October by less than 24 hours, we all gave him a hard time for not getting it done during his gloried month that he has become so accustomed to, October.
Coming into this season, Mark had a couple of different farms that he had planned on strategically hunting when season rolled around. Antler King seed hit the ground throughout the spring and summer months and a few familiar bucks began showing up on camera. Mark was excited for the season to start.
One of the bucks that showed up was a buck that Mark was very familiar with, one that he had named “Smalls”. This particular deer was one that he had recognized from the past couple of seasons. He had several trail cam photos of the deer in 2012 as a 2 1/2 year old and also in 2013 as a 3 1/2 year old. Now, at 4 1/2 years old, and not a lot of growth since 2012, Mark had decided that he would go ahead and harvest this buck if he ran into him.

Season rolls around and it was late September when Mark set out to sit a ground blind that was situated between a swamp bottom and some agricultural fields. Several pictures of “Smalls” had shown Mark that he frequented this area. As luck would have it, “Smalls” made an appearance and was mere steps from Mark’s shooting lane that evening.
On October 24, Mark again headed to the ground blind, this time he had the decoy with him in hopes of getting a mature buck to come in and show some pre-rut dominance. The evening progressed and out stepped “Smalls” over a hundred yards away. He laid eyes on the decoy and it was on. The now 4 1/2 year old buck postured the entire way in and had his ears laid back as he approached the decoy. Mark settled the pin, and let the Carbon Express RED go. The G5 Striker smashed through both lungs and “Smalls” only made it about 50 yards before piling up. 3 years of history and 1 mistake and Mark is back to his old ways of punching that WI tag in October. “Mr. October” has done it again.


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