November 3, 2014 Mike


Andy and Bob schedule their work vacation around the rut most every year and this year was no different. With cold weather hitting at the tail end of October, the rut was looking to hit right on schedule in Wisconsin. The Anderson’s were very excited as they looked ahead at the forecast coming up on their time off. It was reassuring that they would get a crack at a good buck over a 7 day stretch that they would be hunting. Several good bucks had been on the cameras the past couple of months and optimism was high. Little did they know, they were going to be thrown a curve ball. For absolutely no reason at all, the ideal weather conditions didn’t prove to be working in their favor. In fact, the guys were sitting nearly all day on stand for 5 days straight and were yet to see a mature buck, and hardly any deer at all for that matter. It was frustrating for the duo to get reports from other hunters in the area that were seeing a lot of chasing and seeking going on and the guys were literally seeing no sign of it at all. This story comes down to mental toughness and perseverance. It was the 6th morning of their 7 day trek and Andy was up to bat. Even with the lack of deer movement, and not having seen a shooter all week, the boys stuck to their guns and headed into a stand that was a proven spot over the years with hopes of having a little luck on their side. Bob recalls saying a small prayer to the big guy upstairs the night before asking him to shine down on them before this week came to a close. As luck would have it, an answered prayer in my opinion, a shooter showed himself that morning and fortunately enough for Andy and Bob, he came in directly under their tree. Andy made an excellent shot on the buck and he only ran about 40 yards before piling up in plain view from the treestand. The moral of this story is, prayers are powerful, and to hard work comes reward.


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