November 4, 2014 Mike


To get up to speed, read the previous post on Andy’s buck. To sum it up, the father-son duo had hunted 5 straight days with hardly any luck at all and on the 6th morning Andy got an arrow in a great buck. Now, we move to November 4th, their last day of vacation before having to head back to work. The temperatures were still cold and it was an ideal sunny morning in November. The movement was again, non existent in the early goings. They had decided that they would stick it out on stand until10:30 before sneaking out for a bite to eat before climbing back in for the remainder of the day. Bob asked Andy what time it was, Andy replies with 10:28. They look at each other and were ready to pack up when Andy notices a good buck heading their direction. The buck works past them at 30 yards and Bob sent a T3 straight through the boiler room. An unbelievable ending to an unbelievable story. 7 straight days of hunting, not a single good buck the first 5 days and then to shoot 2 incredible Wisconsin bucks on back to back mornings, it does not get any better than that folks, and to do it with their father/son..unreal.


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