November 7, 2014 Mike


Chad headed down to Illinois to do some bow hunting on their lease this week. After checking trail cameras and not having a single mature deer on camera, the frustration began to set in. He had set aside an entire week to spend down at the lease and seemingly had no good bucks running around on the property that he was hunting. 5 days in and nothing over the age of 2 1/2 had been seen from the tree. On the 6th day of the hunt Chad was out checking a trail camera in one of the wooded brushy draws on the property. Just as he was about to get to the camera, he had a doe run into the draw and she appeared to be getting chased. Chad, no weapon in hand, hunkered down for a minute to see if anything was behind the doe. Sure enough, a solid buck came running down her trail and headed into the draw as well. Chad had a tree stand not far away so he decided to sneak out and go back to his truck to grab his gear and then sneak back into the stand and stay for the remainder of the day. Just as Chad pulled up his bow and got situated, the buck stood up in the thick brush and was only 40 yards away! He bedded down and stood up 3-4 times in the next couple of hours and finally he stepped out and gave Chad a shot. He is by no means a monster but after 6 days of hard hunting, Chad was thankful to be wrapping a tag on his 1st Illinois whitetail and heading home to his wife and daughter back in Wisconsin.


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