November 16, 2014 Mike


Brennen had been behind the camera down in Iowa for the entire fall up to this point. He had been sitting behind Jade all of October and for the first couple weeks of November. As luck would have it, Jade was able to round up a cameraman for the weekend and Brandon was kind enough to drive down from WI to film Brennen. Brennen had virgin ground down in southern IA that had not been touched all season long that he was itching to get into. The 1st day down south proved to be a good one, the guys seen several deer and a couple good bucks, just nothing in range of their tree. The 2nd morning started out great, good chasing activity and a couple more solid bucks but they were still slipping past just outside of bow range. That afternoon, the cold temps and fresh snow on the ground had the boys set on a hillside that connected a big bedding area to a large corn field to the south. They were in a great area to catch a buck moving to the feed that night. About a half hour before dark, Brennen caught movement on the far hillside on the other side of the valley. He could tell that it was a good buck but he was unsure of exactly how good he was. He cracked his rattling antlers together in hopes that the buck would come check them out. A few minutes had went by and the buck had disappeared. Out of nowhere, he stepped out just across the valley a couple hundred yards away and was headed in their direction. The buck came right up into the woods looking for the fight. He couldn’t see anything and was on his way back down the hill when Brennen grunt stopped him at 43 yards and put the arrow where it needed to go. The buck turned out to be one that he was familiar with from trail camera photos, one that he called Hightower. The buck was a main frame 8 with 2 scoreable kickers on his left side and he gross scored 151 1/8″


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