November 22, 2014 Mike


Hunting smart and hunting hard. This is exactly what Jade did all season in Iowa up to this point. Waiting for the right winds to get into the right stands and passing on several good bucks along the way put him in position to harvest this great Iowa buck this morning. This is Jade’s 1st season filming/hunting with the crew and it worked out great because he is located fairly close to Brennen so the two of them were able to get together nearly every weekend to hunt together. Jade had his heart set on a buck that he named JKK coming into the 2014 season. JKK was a true IA giant and he was showing up regular on the trail cameras. Several stands were hung in and around the core area of where JKK was hanging out all summer/early fall. Jade had never laid eyes on the buck other than from the view of his truck from the road. When early November rolled, around, and we still hadn’t seen JKK, concern began to rise. Shortly after, we catch word that the neighbor right across the road wounded JKK. He had also been videoing and the video reveals that he hit JKK right in the shoulder blade. They followed blood for a little while and then lost it. They looked for several days but were never able to recover the giant buck. To our knowledge, no one has seen him since that day. We are hopeful he is still alive and that we will run into him again but we knew that it was time to move on and get after another good buck. The morning of November 22 rolls around and we are set up on a fenceline surrounded by CRP grass and wooded draws to the east and west of us. As daylight approaches, we can see a big mature buck a couple hundred yards away out in the cut corn field to the south. As luck would have it, the buck left the doe and headed straight towards us. Jade put an excellent shot on him at 23 yards and he ran about 100 before crashing into the draw. What a great way to end the IA archery run for Jade and Brennen, 2 bucks in 2 weekends.


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