September 20, 2015 Mike


Jaden has followed very closely in his father’s footsteps over the past 4 years and absolutely loves spending time in the woods.  At the age of 10, the kid is extremely busy with school and sports but hunting never slips his mind.  With the Iowa youth season approaching quickly, Jaden and his father Jade were formulating a game plan and getting ready for the hunt.  With a couple bucks on the radar and ground blinds set for a few different wind directions, the guys were ready to go.  On opening night of the Iowa youth season, Jaden was suited up in football pads and making tackles instead of sitting in the ground blind.  However, on Sunday evening, it was time to hunt!  Good weather conditions had the deer moving early and it didn’t take long for a good buck to step out of the standing corn field and work towards the blind.  Jaden made an excellent shot with the muzzleloader and the buck dropped within eyesight.  4 bucks in 4 years for the young hunter.


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