September 30, 2015 Mike


This summer, Chad picked up a buck on trail camera that he knew real well from the past couple of years.  It was a mature, estimated 6.5 year old beast of a 6 pointer that he called “6 Pack.”  Along with a couple of other bucks, “6 Pack” was definitely on the hit list.  A few days before opener, Chad did a card pull on the couple of farms that he hunted and the cameras told him that it would be in his best interest to hunt a different farm than the one that “6 Pack” was living on because there was a big 12 pointer moving consistently in the daylight.  The cameras told the story and Chad slipped in on opening night and was fortunate enough to harvest the big 12.  This meant that “6 Pack” was up for grabs on the other farm that was still untouched.  Mike, with a WI tag still in his pocket, was up to the challenge.  After a couple of sits and 1 encounter with the buck, the boys headed in on the last night of September with near perfect conditions.  “6 Pack” and 3 other younger bucks made their way onto the alfalfa field with plenty of light left.  When the buck hit the 30 yard mark, Mike came to full draw and settled the pin.  An excellent shot left Mike sitting behind the 6.5 year old beast of a 6.  Bring on October!


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