September 30, 2015 Mike


Bob and Andy fell into an opportunity just recently to bow hunt on a new property near their home farm in Wisconsin.  With season already open, they forfeited their hunting efforts last weekend to spend the time scouting the new area and throwing up some tree stands in the areas that jumped out at them as good starting locations for learning the new land.  Fast forward 10 days and Bob went into the dentist office to have a tooth pulled that was giving him fits.  He told the doc that he had plans of hunting out in North Dakota this coming weekend and asked him if the pulled tooth was going to bother him while he was on the road, and if it was that he didn’t want to have it done that day.  Long story short, doctor told him they were going to have to reschedule for when he returned home after the weekend.  This left Bob heading home, early afternoon and a cold weather system moving through the area.  He had a gut feeling that he needed to go sit one of the new sets they had just hung on the newly acquired property.  He wasn’t in the tree long and the deer started moving and this buck made his way into shooting distance.  Sometimes the first time into a new spot can be the best time.


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