November 27, 2015 Brennen


After a Thanksgiving feast the evening before in celebration of Jerry’s buck, the guys slept well in camp that night.  The next morning, it was out the door and back to glassing for another management buck candidate for Bob’s tag.  A large old buck that was lacking front forks was spotted working its way off the wheat field and back into the draws with a large group of does.  After getting a good spot on him, they waited until he bedded down before making a move.  After climbing up and down a few draws, the guys came over the rise and were within range to make the shot.  Bob settled the crosshairs on the old deer and squeezed off the shot.  The buck folded up in his tracks and was down for the count.  This was Bob’s 1st ever mule deer as well, a double in 2 days for the veteran buddies and their sons.Bob

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