December 18, 2015 Brennen


Brandon has been out to North Dakota a handful of times over the past few seasons, but always with a camera in his hand.  This year, he had a tag in his pocket and was itching to fill it.  He climbed in the blind several hours before dark and the deer movement began shortly after.  The cold temperatures had the deer on their feet and hitting the food hard.  Just before 3pm, Brandon got a text from Brennen who was hunting approximately 10 miles away, that he had just shot a good buck.  This got the guys fired up for the rest of the evening, as there was still almost 2 hours before dark.  It wasn’t much longer and a good buck stepped out of the cattails across the field and started making his direction towards the blind.  The buck fed into bow range and Brandon put a great shot on the buck.  They watched him run across the bean field and expire just as he hit the edge of the tree row.  Brandon was extremely excited to get his hands on his 1st ever buck from North Dakota.BrandonND

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