December 18, 2015 Brennen


Over the past 2 seasons, Brennen has spent close to 300 hours behind the wheel to and from North Dakota in hopes of tagging a buck on the northern plains.  20 some thousand miles later, his luck changed faster than he knew what happened.  After 15 unsuccessful trips to the state since he last let an arrow fly, the 16th would prove to be a lucky one.  With ideal weather in the forecast, he packed up and left late Thursday evening in time to get out there and check cameras before making a decision on where to sit Friday evening.  The weather was ideal, fresh snow and the coldest temperatures that the area had seen all year.  The cameras showed good bucks on a couple different farms so he made a quick decision on where to sit and headed into the blind around 1:30pm.  At about 2:40pm 4 does and a solid 10 pointer popped out of the thick cover on top of Brennen.  With the deer so close and Brennen running his bow and camera, it just didn’t work out to get a shot off at the big buck.  Shortly after that buck disappeared back into the pines, another mature shooter stepped out.  This time, Brennen was ready to make it happen.  The buck stepped into his shooting lane and he made the shot count.  It’s been a long road over the past 2 seasons but the hard work paid for itself on a great North Dakota whitetail.BrennenND

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