December 26, 2015 Brennen


The late season has been anything but normal this year.  Warm temperatures and record rainfall for the month of December has thrown a bit of a curveball for all of those hunters in the Midwest trying to fill those remaining tags before season closes.  When you think of late muzzleloader season in Iowa, most would think of standing grain crops with snow on the ground.  With unseasonable weather, this certainly was not the case on Brennen’s hunt for the ‘Slick 8’.  Deer were still hitting the green fields and the trail cameras had Brennen on the right alfalfa field the day after Christmas.  Although the temperatures were still warmer than normal (High 30s), there was just enough of a drop from the day before that it had the deer on their feet early, including this mature buck that slipped up and closed the distance inside of muzzleloader range.brenneniowa

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