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In the summer of 2013, Dylan took an internship on at the Mountain View Elk Ranch in the mountains of Riggins Idaho. The rugged mountainous landscape and diverse wildlife had him hooked from the get-go. After 3 incredible months, Dylan headed back to the flats of Central Wisconsin to finish his Wildlife Degree, but knew he had to return to experience a hunt in the mountains as soon as possible. Fortunately, his boss Brad Walters has since began guiding bear hunts on the ranch. Dylan and his longtime hunting partner Ryan Unger booked a spring hunt and flew out to Idaho in hopes of tagging their first black bears. Brad had sent dozens of trail camera photos of great bears throughout the spring, so their hopes and expectations were high. With Ryan up to bat first, their hunt started off strong. After passing a good bear the first night in a dense Spruce forest, they snuck into a blind along a vast clearcut the second evening and anticipated another great sit. Before the guys had even unpacked all of their gear, Dylan spotted a great bear sneaking into the bait just 30 yards away. Ryan came to full draw just as the bear nosed up to the logs covering the cache of trail mix and scraps. His arrow drilled into the old sow and the bear expired just 25 yards from their ground blind. After a quick but discreet celebration, the guys swapped seats and hunkered back in the blind for the rest of the evening, but no other bears appeared before dark.


The following day was spent caping Ryan’s first Black Bear, running baits, and checking cameras before Dylan’s evening hunt. That evening they sat in the spruce forest blind once again. Young Bears emerged from the dense cover quickly to uncover the bait, but it wasn’t until later that a larger, mature bear took over the site. Dylan drew on the bear twice, waiting for a clear broadside shot. When the shot presented itself, Dylan released his arrow but was unsure of the shot placement. Fortunately, his Muzzy tore through the bears heart, leaving it lie just 70 yards from their blind. Ryan and Dylan tagged out on their first black bears in the mountains of Idaho after just 3 days at Mountain View Elk Ranch!


Here are a few photos from their trip! If you are interested in learning more about hunting at Mountain View Ranch, follow this link and give Brad a call!







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