September 10, 2016 Brennen



The whitetail season kicked off in a similar fashion as always, in North Dakota.  The camera check before opening day was slow to say the least.  Only a couple spots revealed shooters and only 1 of those spots was hunt-able with the south winds that were dealt for the first 2 days of season.  Instead of forcing anything, Brennen spent the first couple evenings of the season scouting rather than hunting.  A new piece of public ground caught his eye, it was a secluded woodlot surrounded by beans and bordered by a very large cattail marsh.  The deer sign was obvious and it had the guys excited.  A trail camera was thrown in the corner of the beans where several large trails came into the field.  Pulled the card a couple days later, had several deer on it and 1 really nice buck, the Big 10 pointer.  The problem was, the buck was moving in the cover of darkness and nowhere near daylight.  Opting to stay out of the area until the deer was moving daylight.  Fast forward to the second weekend of season.  Brennen got off work Friday night and headed back to the northern plains for round 2.  Slipped into the new spot on Saturday during the middle of the day and checked the card again.  It showed that the Big 10 was still in the area, he had shed his velvet 2 days prior, and was in the beans 45 minutes before dark the night before.  It was time to put the pressure on him, Brennen slipped in early afternoon and sat in anticipation.  With about 15 minutes of camera light left, the Big 10 stepped out only 50 yards away and worked down the edge of the bean field right past the set.  A well placed shot at a mere 16 steps yielded Brennen with his largest buck to date only 100 yards down the blood trail.  An incredible start to the fall of 2016.



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