November 6, 2016 Brennen


Last March, Nick and his wife Jess were out shed hunting on the family farm in Iowa.  The 2 were a good distance apart when Jess walked up on a big match set laying just feet apart from each other.  To her, it almost seemed staged and she actually left them there because she thought Nick had “planted” them like that so she could find them.  Later, when they met up, she told him that she had ran into the big antlers back that way and what had happened.  Without hesitation, Nick told her it was not a set-up and they rushed back to pick them up.  The buck was then known as the “Jess Buck”.  Nick set up the decoy over looking a cut corn field on the evening of November 6th and the “Jess Buck” couldn’t help but come and check it out.


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