August 11, 2017
August 11, 2017 Brennen


Summer…the dreaded months that stand between turkey season and deer season.  We are over the hump, and that state of denial that summer will never end, is beginning to fade.  With only 3 weeks before opener, it’s time to buckle down and get ready for the 4.5 month grind that we all love so much.

Early season can be an excellent time to capitalize, and if you do your homework, it just might be your best shot at a big buck this season.  That’s a bold statement, I know.  But hear me out.  Deer have not felt the wrath of direct human pressure for close to 7 months now, and it has them quite relaxed.  Relaxed enough that they are running the same daily routine, almost like clockwork.  Bed, water, feed, on repeat.  Trail cameras can make or break you this time of year.  Low impact card pulls can tell you a lot about what specific deer are up to in the late summer leading into opening day.  But be careful where you place them, the routes you take when you check them, and how often you check them.

A deer has 297 MILLION olfactory receptors…to put that in perspective, we humans have 5 million.  They live by their nose.   If you think rubber boots and cover scent allows you to check your cameras weekly without leaving a mark on your farms, think again.  The point I am getting at is this, trail cameras are probably thee most vital tool that we as hunters have access to.  They are also likely the leading cause for bucks “disappearing” from an area.  Many might not agree, but I will let cameras sit 4-5 weeks without checking them.  Why not? Most of them can hold 16gb cards or more, and the batteries last for months on end.  Is it really going to benefit me to see pictures this weekend that I can see 3 weeks from now?  Doubtful.

We have the itch, trust me, I get it.  But it’s a long season, don’t let your summer jitters get the best of you and ruin your chances this season.  Use the tools you have effectively, and put in your time when the weather is favorable.  Hunt hard, but more importantly..hunt smart.

Written by Brennen Nading

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