August 24, 2017
August 24, 2017 Brennen


Each January when the sun sets on the closing day of deer season, I go home with a feeling of emptiness.  The thought of waiting 7.5 months before being able to play the game of chess with whitetails again is a tough pill to swallow.  After 4.5 months of game planning, long hours in a tree, long hours on the road, and many sleepless nights… the ending of a season first and foremost means it is time to rest and let the body recover.  As much as I love hunting, my body and my mind is ready for a break when it ends each year.  Like most of you, I work a full time job and hunt when work allows.  For the most part, this means I hunt weekends and set aside a couple weeks of vacation to spend hunting.

With Iowa season opening later each year (October 1st), we head out of state to get an early start on the season.  This gives us an extra month of hunting, and ultimately an extra month to try and produce quality content for the show.  For the past 6 years, this early season venture has been spent hunting in North Dakota.  Not exactly a stones throw from home, but a road trip that has proved worth it on several occasions when we do our homework and put our time in leading up to the season.

Typically, we will spend most of our September weekends out of state trying to capitalize on an early season buck.   To give you an idea of what that consists of for a schedule on a weekly basis, here is the jist of it.

Friday-Work all day, hit the road and drive through the night.

Saturday-Hunt, eat, sleep.

Sunday- Hunt, hit the road and drive through the night, barely get home in time to go straight back to work.

Monday-Go to work on no sleep and somehow survive the day.

That schedule, especially after doing it several weeks on end, wears on a guy.  Not going to lie,  I am generally in bed before 5pm on Mondays and Tuesdays through September simply because my body is beat and I know that I need to rest in order to be able to do it all over again the following week.  Call it crazy, call it what you want…we do it because the weekends are when we get to hunt, and if a season is open somewhere, we will travel there to hunt regardless of how far or for how many days we will be able to stay.

So back to mentally preparing for the upcoming season.  All the off season work has been done.  All the clothes are washed, have been hung out, and are now stuffed in our air tight bags and ready for the road.  Besides shooting a few arrows each night after work, evenings now consist of relaxing and stocking up on rest.

For a weekend hunter that hunts out your back door, or close to home…you will undoubtedly read this article and roll your eyes.  But I know there are a few of you out there that will directly relate to this style of life.  We do this because hunting is what we love to do.  We also have a passion for documenting our stories to share with all of you.  Life is way to short to hunt 2 days a week, but until we hit the lottery, you can bet your ass we are in a tree every Saturday and Sunday from September through the middle of January.

Cheers to another season of best friends and blood trails.

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