September 21, 2017
September 21, 2017 Brennen


Couldn’t have asked for a better forecast going into last weekend in North Dakota.  Upper 80s midweek, dropping into the 50s Thursday and Friday with rain and nasty weather both days.  Saturday never broke 49 degrees, but clouds stayed in the sky all day with a light drizzle.  Slipped in and checked the camera on Saturday midday and “OMG” had been daylight 2 of the previous 3 evenings.

Slipped into the stand very early that afternoon and we were very optimistic about laying eyes on “OMG” that night.  We ended up seeing a lot of deer,  but not the one we were after.  With clouds clearing out Sunday, and a blue bird high-pressure day, we were still very confident going into Sunday evening.

Sunday turned up a few does and an encounter with a nice looking young buck.  Needless to say, it was a long drive back home and straight to work.  I went into last weekend with the mindset that it was going to be my last stab at ND until late season.  Now this buck is under my skin.  I am going back again this weekend, I owe it to myself to try one last time before season opens up here in Iowa the following.

I have put a lot of thought into what is going on.  The deer is literally moving daylight 3-4 days a week, how can he possibly be getting so lucky as not to do it while we are in the tree?  Wind has always been in our favor, he’s never smelled us to our knowledge.  Call me crazy, but I have a plan, and I’m convinced that it is going to work.

When we started hunting this deer, Mike and I thought he was coming from the South.  With an old homestead in the woodlot, it made perfect sense to sit in the 2nd story of the house where we had an awesome view of anything approaching from the south.  If you recall, we were exiting the house on Monday of Labor Day when we had “OMG” approaching from the West.  The west is nearly impossible to view out of the house and entirely impossible to shoot.

That encounter is what moved us to a tree on the far edge of the woodlot in the direction that he was approaching from.  The following weekend, we had an encounter with him out of the tree.  He was bedded within 150 yards of us in the general area that we thought he was.  Unfortunately, he never came close enough.  I am confident that he is still doing the same thing.  But I am also starting to think that he now knows when we are in the tree.

I am not saying he sees us walk in, or sees us climb the tree.  But I am starting to think that when he stands up in the tall cattails, he has a clean view of the woodlot that we are in, and he dissects it from afar before we can lay eyes on him.  And with us being 2 deep in a fairly small tree, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that we move around just a little bit while he is looking that way.

Bottom line, I am moving back to the house this weekend.  If he approaches from the west, which I think he will, I will likely not see him until he is in bow range, which isn’t ideal for filming…but it is time to make this happen.  The weather is going to be good, another cold front bringing a big drop from Friday into Saturday should make for ideal conditions once again.  I’m not going to check the camera, I am just going in to hunt him Saturday night.  I will be crouched down, walking in for the last 100 yards and I will tip toe to the 2nd story of the house and I will wait.  Maybe, just maybe this will work.

In more exciting fashion, Jade and his daughter had a hell of a weekend in Iowa.  The Iowa youth season is going on and little miss Jacie, at the age of 9, went on her first ever deer hunt with her dad.  On Sunday night, she dropped the hammer on her 1st ever buck, and it was a good one!  Showing the boys how its done, good work Jacie!

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