September 29, 2017
September 29, 2017 Brennen


The plan for “OMG” worked…almost.  Climbed into the house Saturday evening with a 5 hour sit ahead of me.  It was a pretty slow sit until the last half hour.  Just before dark, a doe and a fawn came from the west.  As camera light faded, they kept looking back to where they had come from.  I knew what was going to happen…and it did.  Out of camera light and I have to watch “OMG” work past me at 25 steps.  Talk about a dagger.

I waited well past dark to make sure the deer had moved past before exiting that night.  I would return on Sunday only to get skunked on the sit.  That concludes the early season run up in North Dakota.  We will return later this fall for some late season action.  Hopefully we can find out where “OMG” is hanging out after the gun season and get back on him.  If not, we will try to locate others to chase.

The first legit cold front blew into the midwest this week and it brought good deer movement with it.  Many of the guys on the crew have got out over the past couple of days and said that they had exceptional deer movement.  No big buck encounters as of yet, but it is only a matter of time.

Iowa season opens on Sunday this week.  With cooler weather it could be a good sit on Sunday evening.  Going to check several trail cameras on Saturday that have been sitting untouched for close to 2 months and see what is running around and if any good bucks are moving daylight.  A game plan will then be constructed.

Mike has a Nebraska tag in his pocket and he will be heading west for the week.  Him and Dylan will be heading to the west side of the state to try and knock down a spot and stalk mule deer.

September was fun, but bring on October.

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