October 6, 2017
October 6, 2017 Brennen


October 1, if you live in Iowa, Illinois, or Michigan…you are well aware what that date represents.  Deer season is back!  Not to be outdone by his little sister (who killed a great buck earlier in the youth season this year) Jaden set out on Sunday night to try and get a buck of his own.  Jaden and Jade headed to a clover plot where “Jackpot”, a 5.5 year old brute, had shown up on the Coverts a few times during daylight the week prior.  With the wrong wind for the blind they had set up, they decided to set up in the tall grass and brush themselves in good.  To their surprise, an hour and a half before dark, “Jackpot” was the first deer to enter the food plot.  Jaden made an excellent shot and his big buck killing streak is still alive!

Just a few hundred yards away, Chris and Brennen were set up in a ground blind over looking another food plot that “Jackpot” had shown up on camera recently.  After hearing Jaden’s gun shot, and getting a text from Jade confirming that he was down, it turned into a doe hunt.  It wasn’t much longer after that when a big doe stepped out in front of them to feed in the food plot.  Chris made a good shot and a big healthy doe was at the end of a short blood trail.

Shifting gears, Chad has been up in Ontario, Canada for the past week.  On Day 7 of the hunt, he got an arrow in this stud!  Chad’s 1st ever moose, and it is a good one!

Mike and Dylan have been out in western Nebraska all week chasing mule deer.  They were greeted on Friday afternoon with the passing of a storm and a sky that was absolutely on fire.  After touring the land they would be hunting, they were excited for the week ahead.

Right out of the gate on Monday, the boys got eyes on a good buck first thing in the morning.  Several attempts to get in close came up short due to where the buck kept bedding down.  Different bucks, similar scenarios have been the name of the game all week.

The guys followed these bucks last evening, and were never able to get a shot off.  They will be looking for them today and hopefully they have a little last-day-luck on their side!

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