October 28, 2017 Brennen


The last time I stepped foot in the timber at the farm I hunt, was back in March when I was looking for shed antlers.  This was also the time that I made any necessary adjustments to my tree stands, whether it was swapping out straps, hanging lifelines, or trimming lanes.  Since then, I have not stepped a foot in the timber.  I am very particular about intrusion and will avoid leaving ground scent at all cost.  Trail cameras went out in July, checked them every 5-6 weeks leading up to season (never left the 4wheeler seat) and pulled them one more time during the high winds on Oct 27 to gather up as much recent intel as possible.  Saturday morning, Oct 28th brought marginal morning winds for most stands so I elected to hunt a draw that had extremely easy in/out access.  After seeing a handful of deer, we shifted gears for the afternoon and headed into what I would consider a high percentage stand.  This ridge has historically been great for big buck movement and encounters.  At 5 pm, ‘Double G3’ read the script and walked past the tree at 28 yards and I made the shot count.  After having passed this buck last fall, with other deer on my mind, I just knew I had to take advantage of getting him in front of me once again.  Feels good to knock down an old mature deer in October and hopefully make room for some of the younger deer with great potential.  The rut is right around the corner!

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