October 28, 2017 Brennen


Up to this point, Mark has had a disappointing season.  Very little action on the cameras in terms of mature deer on the farm, and even fewer sightings from the tree.  With it being late October, anything can happen so Mark headed back to one of his favorite stands on the oak ridge.  Saturday morning brought good movement, the best he had seen all season.  Mid morning, this buck walked the crest of the ridge and bedded down roughly 100 yards away from the stand right over the crest of the hill (All they could see from the stand was the top of his rack).  With it being a fairly open ridge, he decided not to call at the deer, rather he would wait him out and see what his next move was.  After several hours, and the buck not budging, Mark decided to take advantage of the heavy winds.  It was time to make a move.  Mark and Brandon climbed down out of the stand and began the stalk.  With a cross wind, they approached the bedded buck that was still just over the crest of the hill from them.  At a mere 15 yards, Mark came to full draw and mimicked squirrel noises to get the buck out of his bed, meanwhile Brandon was waiting over his shoulder with the record button rolling.  The buck stood up, stared at Mark, and Mark punched one straight through the chest and dropped him in his tracks.  Unbelievable hunt, it’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to ground stalk a whitetail.

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