November 6, 2017 Brennen


The “Lefty” saga began 4 years ago.  His first year on the trail cameras had him on the watch list for the following season.  Sure enough, he made a big jump from 3.5 to 4.5 and moved onto the hit list.  Living right in the middle of Mike’s home farm during the fall, probably wasn’t the best idea for the great looking whitetail.  As luck would have it, Mike filled his tag on another great buck during the early season that fall…ensuring that “Lefty” just needed to survive the WI gun season one more time.  With his buck tag filled, Mike opted a November sit in his area just to see how the deer were moving through.  Sure enough, guess who walked past the stand at 30 yards just like he had hoped for.  The following year brought concern as the now 5.5 year old buck was nowhere to be found.  No sightings, no trail camera photos, nothing.  After nearly 10 months, Mike was beginning to accept the fact that he was lying dead somewhere. UNTIL he showed back up on the trail cameras on a neighboring farm late in the summer.  October brought him back to Mike’s property, and November was the death of him.  An intense sit that we can’t wait to bring you this coming summer.  The “Lefty” saga has come to an end.

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