November 19, 2017 Brennen


After having missed the Wisconsin gun season for the past 8 years, I got the hunch to take part in it again this year.  Mostly due to the fact that it meant I would be spending time in deer camp with my family and friends.  Day 1 was rather slow, Dylan and myself heard quite a bit of shooting, saw a few neighboring hunters moving about through the woods, and a few does and fawns.  My oldest brother shot a good buck Saturday evening and gave us a reason to do some celebrating that evening.  Day 2 had us back in the same stand that we had sat dusk to dawn the day prior.  At about 11am we climbed down and went to the ridge because of swirling winds.  At 11:30, this old buck cruised the hillside below us and gave us a golden opportunity.  To top it off, my other brother knocked down a good buck the 2nd evening as well. Great weekend at deer camp.

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