December 18, 2017 Brennen


Mike headed to western Nebraska back in October with the bow in tow.  After a week of close calls, he was determined to make a return trip.  Cody of HPO invited him back to try his luck again after the gun season had ended.  This time, Mike would be carrying the black powder instead of the stick and string.  On day 3, shortly after daylight, he glassed up this buck out in the middle of an open prairie.  With another dozen deer in the group, this was not going to be an easy stalk.  Mike and Brennen left the vehicle at about 8am, and at 12pm, the muley stood up out of his bed and Mike was waiting with his crosshairs settled on his chest at 130 yards.  The long stalk with very little cover had paid off and Mike is on the board with his 1st ever mule deer, and an exceptional one at that!

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