December 20, 2017 Brennen


9 days in North Dakota, sign me up.  Ryan and Dylan headed to deer camp for their stab at a late season buck.  Unseasonably warm temps for the first 6 days yielded slow movement from the big bucks that were showing up on trail cameras after dark.  With a massive cold front scheduled to hit on Day 7, they kept their chins up and continued to hunt smart.  The north winds blew, and the temperatures plummeted below 0 at the tip of a hat.  It was game on.  Ryan opted to go into a spot that a buck deemed “MooseKnuckle” was moving regularly just outside of shooting hours.  With a perfect wind, they headed into the blind.  The temperature was dropping and the snow was picking up.  The deer began moving early, and often.  Soon enough, “MooseKnuckle” was en route from the cattails and heading towards the blind.  Ryan made the shot count and he only made it 100 yards before expiring.

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