December 22, 2017 Brennen


It was last November when “Frank” really began to run all over the radar.  A close call with him ensured how big he really was, and he was at the top of the hit list coming into this fall.  As luck would have it, another old bully buck secured my archery tag in late October.  I could only hope that “Frank” would set up shop once again and make it through the shotgun seasons.  It would be the 5th day of the season before I could make it out to hunt with the muzzleloader.  As luck would have it, that day was also a significant drop in temperature.  About a half hour before dark, a yearling busted out of the timber and worked into the food plot and kept looking back behind her.  Here he came…the buck that I had been thinking of non stop for the past 13 months.  “Frank” made his way into range and 1 click of the primer was all it took.  150 yards later, I wrapped my Iowa tag on a 6.5 stud of a whitetail.

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