June 20, 2018
June 20, 2018 Brennen


Wild Carrot? What the hell is Wild Carrot? That is EXACTLY what was going through my head when Dylan said he was in communication with one of the co-owners of a new company in the outdoor industry called Wild Carrot Scents.  The first thing that crossed my mind was probably much like what is going through your mind right now…these guys make a deer attractant out of wild carrots?  I couldn’t have been more wrong!

The conversations began when the Wild Carrot Instagram handle @wildcarrotdeerattractant began “liking” the photos we were posting on our Instagram handle (@bpointtv).  One thing led to another, and we ended up meeting Josh Smith (@wildcarrotjosh) a few weeks later when we were at the Archery Trade Association (ATA) show in Indianapolis.  At that time..Dylan, Mike, and myself were still extremely confused about what exactly this product even was.  This called for a bar meeting over some beers, so that’s exactly what we did.  After a long day in the convention center, we generally don’t waste too much time finding a tavern.  We met up with Josh, and he got to explain to us a little more about the company that he and his family had going.  Upon talking with Josh for awhile, we knew darn well that he was good people.  In conversation, it was very apparent just how passionate he was not only for their business, but for the outdoors in general…he was just like us.


Without further ado, I thought this would be a great opportunity to ask Josh some questions that will give readers a better understanding of exactly what Wild Carrot Deer Scents is, and why you need to add it to your arsenal of tactics this upcoming season! Here we go..

Brennen: Is this a family venture or who is all involved? Who ultimately came up with the idea behind the products you make and how did it come to fruition?

Josh: It is indeed a family business! My Dad and I share in the operational oversight as co-owners, and my grandpa and uncle share ownership as well. My dad actually developed the system. He’s got a drive to make things function well, and it connected with years of using fresh doe urine from deer we’d killed as a scent attractant for bucks. He set out to develop an easy to use scent system that would replicate the quality of a harvest fresh urine while keeping a great shelf life and this was originally just to keep ourselves stocked for the season. It evolved into a super simple deployment/storage system that we decided to take to market, but only after receiving our patent and testing deer urine from a great number of farms in search of the best collection methods.

Brennen: Wild Carrot is possibly one of the most unique brand names in the entire outdoor industry. When coming up with your brand name, how did you guys settle on “Wild Carrot”? 

Josh: Well as a company in an industry that is rich with a hard-ass, bad boy mentality, we believed that unique would be a fresh perspective. As important as it is to make a positive impression for the future of hunting and recruitment we thought Wild Carrot would allow us to do that while keeping our brand identity light hearted and focused on one of the reasons we hunt in the first place, to have fun. We worked with a marketing firm early on to develop branding, and they actually came up with the name as part of a group of potential options. We thought it was a great fit and liked the organic feel and grassroots appeal that we felt would be representative of our system of “small-batch” style deer urine attractants.

Brennen: What can people expect when they buy Wild Carrot attractants? What sets this company apart from other companies that sell deer urine?

Josh: When a hunter purchases Wild Carrot, they can assume they’re getting an “artisan quality” deer urine, in a packaging system that simplifies several methods of scent use on a high level, with no mess. Should someone find otherwise in one of our pouches they can assume a member of our family will be there to listen, and to make it right. There are many companies selling quality deer urines, what sets us apart is that ours also includes your drag, emits scent for weeks when hung, stays collection fresh all season, and is completely mess free. There is no need to purchase anything additional for multiple applications.

Brennen: What time of the year should I start using Wild Carrot? Is summer too early? Or Should I wait until pre rut/ rut in my area before I use the product?

Josh: We’ve had success bringing deer in on trail cams during all times of the year, and we’ve been hanging them year round for quite a while (be responsible for your trash). Deer are social by nature, and can easily detect urine from an unfamiliar deer. Our scents are a great way to get some velvet inventory early season, and really shine when pre-rut comes knocking.

Brennen: How long does this product stay “fresh”? And when is it manufactured? If I am going to be using it this fall, should I wait to buy it or can I buy it now and count on it being fresh in the fall?

Josh: We have early versions of our packaging that have been successful bringing bucks in nose-down on a scent trail after 5 years on the shelf. The packaging itself is patented, and allows zero light or air transmission, and our urines are refrigerated from collection through packaging (once packaged no need to refrigerate). Though our products keep extremely well, we package fresh every August to provide premium quality. Orders placed beginning August 1 will receive the current season’s offering.

Brennen: Is this product something that I want to use while I am in the field and take with me when I leave the field or should I leave it in the woods when I am not there?

Josh: This depends on your style of hunting. If you’re hunting static setups on private land and will be hunting those same setups repeatedly, leave the lures hanging! In my experience, the scent has a calming effect on deer and can actually prevent the potential negatives of “overhunting” certain locations. If you’re hunting public land, take the used scent out with you each day. Our 10/packs are resealable, and contain individually sealed lures. Dump the lures into your hunting pack and use the resealable pouch to store the used lures when finished. No mess.

Brennen: Any big plans or releases for Wild Carrot that you can discuss that might be coming down the pipeline?  Attractants for other big game animals, etc?

Josh: We are releasing our synthetic scent for this fall for those that choose not to utilize natural urines. We also are working on a line of food plot/kill plot mixes for spring 2019. We kick around other big game products as well, but at this point in our infancy we want to make sure nothing takes too much focus off of our standard of quality for our current products.

Brennen: Any big hunting plans for this fall? What states will you be hunting?

Josh: Of course! I’ll be hunting a new early season here at home in East TN. TWRA passed a 3 day archery season for late august this year. I’ll also head to Kentucky in early September chasing velvet again. With any luck I’ll find my way to North Dakota this fall as well. I also plan to hit CO for archery elk the third week of September. I’m trying to stay busy early season, as we’ve got baby #4 arriving mid rut this year!

I want to thank Josh Smith for taking the time to do this Q and A, hopefully it cleared up any questions that you might have had leading into this blog.  If you haven’t already, you need to check these guys out!  Find them on Instagram , Facebook , or on their Website

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