March 26, 2020
March 26, 2020 Brennen


By: Brennen Nading (@nadingbr)

Each year, there is a period of time that stands between shed hunting and the beginning of turkey season.  Although a small window of opportunity (usually a couple weeks or less), it is the PERFECT time to make tree stand adjustments.  There are several reasons why I prefer to utilize this time of year to go ahead and take care of my stand work so that I am not scrambling to get it done later.

Season didn’t close that long ago, most of the deer encounters are still freshly embedded in our memory bank.  It is likely that most of us experienced a hunt where we said something similar to “Damn, I need to move this stand over there” or “I definitely need to get another stand in this spot, for that wind”.  It’s good to go to the woods with those thoughts and memories fresh in your head.  Don’t let the season sneak up on you again this year without getting a stand hung in those spots.

The timber is very readable this time of the year.  The deer sign from the past fall almost jumps out at you right now.  Deer trails, beds, rubs, and scrapes are extremely visible right now.  Maybe you are going to be hunting a new farm this fall, or maybe you want to check out an area that you never got the chance to hunt in November last year because you were lucky enough to tag out early season.  Right now is the perfect time to get into these areas, check out the sign, and come up with a strategy so that you’re in the middle of the action this season.

The weather is ideal for getting stands up.  Across most of the midwest, we can typically expect temperatures to range between 30F and 60F right now.  I don’t know about you..but that is ideal stand hanging temperatures in my opinion.  It’s not cold enough to make it uncomfortable, and it certainly isn’t the 80F+ that will leave you dripping in sweat in another couple months.  Who doesn’t like to spend time in the woods when it is jeans/hooded sweatshirt weather?  Just remember, the mosquitoes will be back before we know it..

Get the work done now, leave the woods undisturbed later.  How many of you have been in the position where a big velvet buck shows up on the cameras in August and there you sit with no stand hung and your pants at your ankles?  Don’t be that guy.  If there is an area that could potentially be worth hunting, get a stand in there now and let it soak.  It can never hurt to have too many options once season rolls around.

Season sneaks up on us faster and faster each year.  There are several reasons to stay ahead on your “to-do list”.  Shooting bow is at the top of that list. It is obviously a good idea to shoot your bow all year round, but it is especially important to shoot your bow in the months leading up to season.  Getting all your stand work taken care of now is going to leave you with more time to shoot your bow as the season approaches this fall. 

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