April 14, 2020
April 14, 2020 Brennen


By: Brennen Nading (@nadingbr)

Opening day is special no matter how old you are!  Dylan made the trek down to Iowa to hunt with me for a couple days and we had every intention of getting up close and personal with some strutters.  The weather was fair at best.  Temps were in the low 20s yesterday morning with winds around 10mph gusting 15-20mph.  Anyone that has turkey hunted can agree with me when I say that wind is the 1 factor that can make or break a turkey hunt.

Lucky for us, the winds died down as the morning went on and the sun came out.  The birds were fired up from the get go and we had several close calls before we finally sealed the deal.  The goal for this hunt was not only to kill a longbeard, but we wanted to get really high quality footage as well.  This aspect made definitely made it more of a challenge.  Off the roost, we had 2 toms come from a couple hundred yards only to skirt the decoys.  They were inside shotgun range, and right down my barrel, but I let them walk by us at 30 yards because they didn’t give us the film we were hoping for.

We moved to a different piece of public shortly after, and struck up another couple gobblers.  These birds came in and skirted the decoys at 30 yards also, once again I let them walk and we moved on.  We jumped over to another ridge and called in yet another bird not long after.  This strutter also came inside gun range but left without playing the game we were wanting him to play for the camera.

To be honest, I have never let so many gobblers “walk” in a morning of hunting.  Although it was a blast playing with the birds, I was ready to shoot one in the face!  We pulled out of that piece of public and headed to a piece of private ground where I do a lot of my deer hunting in the fall.  We walked to the back 60 acres and posted up on the edge of a food plot clearing.  After letting things settle down, I began to throw a few calls every 5 minutes or so.  It wasn’t long before we had a bird cut me off.

It wasn’t long and the bird was on the edge of the food plot and putting on the show that we had been waiting for.  The 3-bearded stud was locked on our decoys at 15 steps for several minutes giving Dylan everything he was wishing for through the eyepiece of his Sony camera.  The Mossberg rang out, and the bird was flopping.  My Iowa tag was filled, and we had a day of hunting that we won’t soon forget!  Check out this weeks “Turkey 30” right HERE for a video of this weeks action!

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