May 20, 2020
May 20, 2020 Brennen


By: Brennen Nading (@nadingbr)

Today marks opening day of the 6th and final week of the Wisconsin Spring turkey season, which means it is time to recap the 5th week.  After sitting on the bench the first 4 weeks of the season, we decided that week 5 was a good time to bust out the domeinator and get aggressive to knock down some late season birds.  The method proved effective and as a crew we were able to knock down 4 more birds this past week.

On Thursday evening Rand (@bschrage3) and Goolash (@dguelig) were driving around looking for birds and they spotted one in a field that they had permission to hunt.  The boys snuck through the woods and popped out into the field where the tom was strutting all by himself.  Rand threw the domeinator on, and crawled out into the field with the lone strutter.  Meanwhile 2 hens popped onto the field and the strutter began heading the other direction towards the hens.  Rand acted quickly and crawled through waist high water to get on the other side of a ditch to put him in a better position.  The tom and hens turned around and headed his direction.  At 15 yards Rand rocked his world.

On Saturday morning Goolash was up to bat.  The roost hunt was a bust so at around 6am him and Rand began driving around in search of birds.  The boys found a group of 3 toms and made a play on them with the domeinator.  The birds came 30 yards from Goolash but he didn’t shoot because he wasn’t sure if Rand was on them with the camera.  They backed out and continued to search for more birds.  They found 2 more toms strutting out in a field they had permission on.  They snuck through a chunk of woods and popped onto the field with the domeinator.  The toms came on a string and Goolash dusted one at 7 steps.

Meanwhile, we had Alex Comstock (@whitetail_dna), Josh Smith (@wildcarrotjosh), and Scott Spitzley (@scottspitzley88) at camp ‘Strutzone’ hunting turkeys with us for the weekend.  Alex would be the first to get in on the action.  We found a tom strutting with several hens in an area that we were very familiar with.  Knowing that the birds generally leave that area and head to a big alfalfa field, we got in position to cut him off.  JP (@aaronskrzypczak) and Alex were working down the field edge when a hen popped into the field at less than 20 yards.  They hit the deck and got ready.  Sure enough, the tom wasn’t far behind and made the mistake of stepping out at 15 yards.

Not even an hour later, Josh was making a play on another bird 10 miles away.  The guys were driving around and found a lone tom on a field where we had permission to hunt.  Having killed several toms off that same field in the past, Mike (@mjmancl) knew where they needed to get in order to cut the bird off before he left the field and got in the woods.  They covered ground quick and got in position.  Just as Josh slipped around the corned of the field, the tom rounded the corner at the same time.  The bird knew something was up, but it was too late, Josh already had the bead on his head.

This week was a good change of pace.  We have been sticking to our guns and trying to do set ups and call birds to the decoys for the past 4 weeks.  This was our first time all season where we scrapped the set ups for the most part and started making plays with the domeinator.  Although we had several failed attempts, we found ways to get it done.  This is the second year in a row where we have had a full camp for the 5th season, and we certainly had a good time with it!

For anyone that has followed us over the years, you all know what week 6 looks like for us.  This coming weekend is what we like to call ‘The Beatdown’.  We are going to kick off the festivities on Friday morning and hunt through the weekend.  The plan is simple, pack our pockets full of tags and fill as many of them as we can.  Last year we had an exceptional year and killed 14 birds during The Beatdown in just 2.5 days of hunting.  If you haven’t already, you can watch that episode right HERE.

This year we have decided that we are not going to try and beat the record we set last year.  Instead, we are hoping to focus more on getting high quality kills on film for you all to watch.  For anyone that is still out chasing them this last week, good luck!  If you have thrown in the towel for the year, hopefully you still find a way to get outdoors and enjoy the holiday weekend coming up!  Stay tuned for a Beatdown Recap coming next week.


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