May 27, 2020
May 27, 2020 Brennen


By: Brennen Nading (@nadingbr)

Week 6 – The Beatdown.  We have made it a tradition to get together at ‘Camp Strutzone’ on the final weekend of the season each year.  The plan for the final hoorah is simple..have fun, kill birds, and drink beers.  We gathered at camp on Thursday evening, and planned to stay through the weekend.  With camp being right on the shore of the Wisconsin River, we made sure to wet the lines shortly after arriving.  Several fish were caught but the highlight of the night was when Mark hooked into his first every muskie.

Friday morning rolled around and it was all business.  Per usual, the roost hunt was a bust.  Shortly after, Mark found himself making a play on a group of birds that were out in a field.  He used the terrain to his advantage and slipped over a rise inside gun range and got us on the board.  A few hours later, I made a play on a bird that was strutting out in a different field.  I popped onto the field about 200 yards from the strutter and inched my way closer and closer with the domeinator.  It didn’t take long before the tom got upset and made his way into 20 yards.

Later that afternoon, we found another group of toms out in a field on a piece of property that we just picked up permission to hunt.  2 of the toms were a couple hundred yards off the wood line and a lone tom was pretty close to the field edge.  Mike popped onto the field with the domeinator and the lone tom came charging into 10 yards.  Last call for the day now and we found 2 more strutters out in a large field with a few hens.  Mark headed into the field with 2 tags and after several hundred yards of crawling across the wide open field, both of them were punched.

Day 1 ended with 5 longbeards down.  We were ready for the following day.  Another bust off the roost for us on day 2.  We began driving around once again and it didn’t take long for Mike to find a group of toms out in a field.  He domed up and they came running.  He dropped the hammer on 2 of them.  The next few hours were pretty uneventful.  We were just getting ready to break for lunch when a buddy called and said he had a strutter in the field behind his house.  A quick play later and I knocked down my 2nd bird of the weekend.

The weather got hot, and we said that we were content with what we had accomplished in essentially a day and a half of hunting.  We decided to pull the plug on the weekend, and on the season.  We spent the rest of the weekend drinking beers, hanging on the sandbar, and just having a relaxing time at camp.  It has been a hell of a spring and we can’t wait to do it all over again next year.

The east side boys were also still getting after it this past weekend.  Brandon broke the 6th season ice for the boys and Hunter followed up the next day and knocked down their 8th bird of the season amongst the trio.  They came out of the gates hot and kept it rolling all spring.  We hope you all had a safe and successful season this year, thank you for following along with us!

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