Our Story

Over the past 4 years The Breaking Point has worked tirelessly towards one common goal.  That goal was to hold a Golden Moose at the outdoor television awards ceremony.  These 4 years have been hard fought.  Sleepless nights, countless hours spent behind the wheel, hundreds of thousands of miles traveled…blood, sweat, and tears all poured for that one goal. For what? To please who? For acceptance? Acceptance from who? We have learned that this industry isn’t always pretty, however, it is what we crave to be a part of.  This 4th year marked a turning point, a breaking point.  Rather than trudging on towards our goal to please the industry..we are staking our own claim, we are making our own path.  To please ourselves, to tell our story, and to have our story heard by the hunters, and the fans that have stayed loyal for those 4 long years.  So we are turning the table, we are starting the fire, and we are going to watch it all go up in smoke.

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